Moment’s Notice and NONOdance present:

Anatomy Of Presence

a performance evening of improvisational works

Thursday, October 22. 8:30pm, Sawtooth Building. 8th Street Studio, 2525 Eight St., Berkeley, CA

Benno Voorham (Sweden), Katarina Eriksson (Sweden/USA), Ray Chung (USA), Rosemary Hannon (USA) and Vitali Kononov (Russia/USA)

A crosspolination of contact improvisation, dance and theater, Anatomy of Presence reveals the hidden currents of human attention and it’s manifestation in space and time. At the intersection of funny and serious, deep and shallow, physical and psychic performers locate their presence and share it with the audience.

Part one: Bones. Performed by Ray Chung, Vitali Kononov and Benno Voorham.

Part two: Skin. Performed by Benno Voorham and Katarina Eriksson.

Part three: Blood. Performed by Katarina Eriksson and Rosemary Hannon.

Part four: Muscules. Performed by Rosemary Hannon, Katarina Eriksson, Ray Chung, Vitali Kononov and Benno Voorham.

Part five: Heart. Performed by Benno Voorham.

Sawtooth Building, 8th Street Studio, 2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Donation: $8-15

For reservations call 510-703-1085 or email nono at