Art in Nature: The Nature of Art Festival

annual FREE admission multidisciplinary performing arts Festival located at the

Stream Trail of Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California

Stroll along the mile-long Stream Trail of Redwood Regional Park and experience more than 200 artists and performers tucked among the meadows, redwoods and oaks in this family, bicycle and dog friendly festival.

Experience art in nature and delve into the nature of art in 12 Theme Areas featuring music, dance, sculpture, painting, martial arts, poetry, body painting, circus arts, theater, visual arts, storytelling, arts & crafts and kids events.

nonoDance Project performing for Art In Nature festival

According to the mission of nonoDance Project performing volunteers are given instructions to become a vehicle for the evolutionary change facilitating interactions and transmissions between their own body and the environment through visual, kinesthetic, audio and other known and unknown channels of perception.

This performance introduces an emerging evolutionary movement and nonoSpiritual practice supporting the process of incubation, embodiment and mutation of the new life form (read more about nonoScientific discovery of microorganisms called nonoParticles) and is an interPlay of linguistic buffoonery, scientific and pseudo-scientific facts, somanautic exploration and a synthesis of performing arts and performance art

To facilitate the introduction, infusion and non-violent infection of nonoDance life form a group of carefully selected and experientially tested nonoPerformers will be producing nonoBehavior during the whole length (11-5pm) of the festival and using the entire site of the festival evoking the presence of the evolutionary change.

nonoPerformers will be emerging, disappearing, merging and differentiating along the duration of the festival from 11am-5pm, September 23rd. 2012. To spot the emergence of the nonoDance Project and to enjoy other 200 art projects come to Stream Trail of Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California.