For JULY 16th 2011:

The Secret. How to be free and connected at the same time.

There are a few things that make contact improvisation a unique movement form. And there are so many similarities to other forms. In martial arts we follow the energy of movement with a secondary focus on the shape of it. In CI we also follow our senses as they take us through the paths of least resistance and more efficiency. Placing our attention continuously in the loops of proprioceptive feedback within the body we train ourselves to follow the flow of chi.  As we learn to distinguish free flow and bound flow within a split of a second we become masters of transitions between situations of freedom and depenDANCE.

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Some of the themes of the past:

Over the Ridge of the Time Mountain.Continuing our exploration of time and space within the frame of contact dance. We will examine our habits and choices of using time while we share weight, dance in and out of contact and in and out of the floor.

Wear long sleeves and bring knee pads. This will help you remember that the floor is your best friend.



Surfing and Riding.This time again we played with re-directing the vertical pull of gravity into the horizontal plane. We explored our movement pathways that allow us to ride a wave of momentum and surfed with a partner. Again, as an application of this study we brought our focus to the partnering skills. Mastering to ride a momentum helped us to exchange weight effortlessly. We took mid-level dance higher up into monkey level.

The Pleasure of Falling

We examined the pathways from up to down and down to up, as a part of our investigation of falling and landing. We broke down familiar movement patterns to improve our ability to soften into the support and to make our descent feel as a breeze. As an application of this study we brought our focus to the partnering. Falling can be an expressive tool and a beautiful way to reset the dance.