Nita Little and the Divisadero Dance Research Company
with musician Albert Mathias
Sunday, October 18
4:00 and 7:00
Main Theater, Wright Hall, UC Davis Campus



Divisadero Dance Research Company will present a new (1 hour 15 minutes) piece. This work is a part of Nita Little’s PhD Portfolio project (intersection of dance and contact improvisation).


Nita Little, Rosemary Hannon, Lizz Roman, Laura Stokes, Maica Folch, Kevin O’Connor, Vitali Kononov
Tickets available at ART 101 (Theater Dance Office)
The event is free to the public, although there is limited seating (50 people per show) so you should try to pick up tickets through the Theater and Dance Office at UC Davis (see Soccoro). They will not be available until Monday, Oct 12. If you are coming from out of town, you should call to arrange the tickets (phone number 1-530-752-0888 or write her an email: